my story

I’ve always loved stories. Listening to and telling stories connects back to my purpose, my sense of being. It’s how I make sense of my life.

I was born in Brisbane, a city that seems to be always on the verge of something big but never quite gets there. My childhood was spent there and and on the nearby Gold Coast. In the 1980s in south-east Queensland if you didn’t play or at least watch rugby league, you were suspect. So, when I was 25, I escaped to Sydney. I’ve also lived in London and various cities and towns across England, Edinburgh in Scotland and, for a number of years, in Stockholm, Sweden. For most of the year I’m based in Sydney but usually spend the European summer in Stockholm.

I’m a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney and have a degree in social work from the University of Queensland. For a number of years I’ve worked in private practice as an online counsellor and therapist, helping people explore identity issues through metaphor and literary practice. There’s another side of course, reflected in my short stories.  I’m currently working on a novel as well as a non-fiction memoir. Both are based on themes of transgression and sexuality.

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